Real estate investment options
for Golden Visa acquisition in Greece



As part of a building. In Athens buildings are normally 3-7 floors high with 1-3 flats per floor.


An apartment or house spread over multiple floors. Usually two levels connected with an internal staircase. Normally from 60 up to 300 sqm.

Detached house

A stand-alone property, about 1-2 stories high, without any other properties above or under it. Normally from 100 up to 500 sqm.

Villa (Stand-alone individual house)

A detached property without any other properties, above, below, or directly next to it. Usually with a garden, garage, pool, plenty of space, privacy and outdoor amenities. Normally from 100 up to 1.500 sqm.


Commercial property

Stores, offices, logistics (commercial warehouse & storage units).

Tourist property

Rooms to let, properties capable for short term lease, countryside villas for summer holidays.


A hotel in the city center or in the Greek islands (readily available or with the option to renovate for future use or re-sell opportunities).