Eurohouse has developed expertise in vertical construction. As a leader in buildings construction across Greece, Eurohouse has built a base of loyal national and local buildings clients on the strength of our reputation for service and competitive costing. The company’s success is due in part to the commitment to teamwork and a belief that for each project, the company must act as an extension to the client’s organization.

With our sizeable team, we are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Over the past five years, we have successfully obtained, managed and completed approximately 15-25 projects on a yearly basis

With high know-how, innovative ideas and specialization in the energy efficiency of buildings, we design and create the houses of the future. The business group has already collaborated with over 1000 buyers, who trusted us to buy their home. The emphasis given to the construction detail, the timeless aesthetics of the buildings, the architectural solutions that are out of the ordinary, the new ideas in the construction, are elements that have been appreciated by our buyers. Many trusted us a second time for their children’s home.